"Howdy! My name is Taylor Curran and I'm a mentor with ISMA. After being an exchange student in France for a year after high school, I knew that I wanted to be a part of the international community at Texas A&M. I searched very hard and eventually found ISMA. I joined in Spring 2017 and since then I have honestly met my best friends from university. My favorite memory from ISMA is hanging out with my mentees Amelie and Florence and having our "old lady cooking nights". Although Amelie is back in France, Fletch and I are already planning our trip out to visit her! ISMA is so important to me and I'm so happy that I was able to join."




"I kindly and sincerely request other Aggies to join ISMA and support international students so it will be easier for them to get along in the new environment and academic system. I also would like to advise all new and returning international Aggies to join ISMA. Since I was not in ISMA my first semester, I know that school days are different with this organization. ISMA is a family away from family. Come and share in the belongingness of one international family in a national setting. "




"When I first came to TAMU, I felt alone because I was away from my family, and I didn't really know anyone since none of my high school friends came along. So one day, I asked my academic peer mentor and he excitedly told me about  ISMA. I applied, got in, and I can definitely say it has changed my life. It sounds cliché, but I feel like my horizons have been expanded. I've learned more about culture and life through weekly trips to McDonald's than through all the textbooks school has ever given me. I've stepped out of my comfort zone so many times that I sometimes wonder if I even have a comfort zone anymore. I've found the older siblings I never had in my mentees, and I've found the family I have been searching for in ISMA. I have found my home away from home."

Olivia Kang



"When I first came to Texas A&M, I was only looking for friends and a soccer team to join to clear my mind and keep active in this new environment. I also wanted to get introduced to the American-and especially the Aggie-culture. I found all that and more with ISMA. I have met a bunch of friendly and helping people from very diverse backgrounds and with interesting stories. It makes me feel like a part of a big family. Also, the ISMA soccer team is just epic! My word of advice to other students is to not hesitate to join ISMA. I'm so happy I joined the ISMA family and get to help make the spirit of Aggieland span the entire world!"

Pierre Brunet



“Howdy! I am Sateendra from India. I love being a mentee with ISMA. I’ve met a wonderful group of people through it who made my transition to a new country far easier. I made  amazing connections with people from all over the world. I’ve learnt so much about their culture and country and I’m looking forward to visiting their home countries! My mentor Sophia is awesome and is always excited to take me to new places to eat! The ISMA soccer team makes my week more fun and I cannot wait for the intramural season to start! Also a shout out to Valentin, and Olivia for making me feel so welcome. My experience at Texas A&M would not have been as great it has been without ISMA and I’m going to look back at all the memories I’ve made with the people I’ve met through it with a lot of fondness! Gig’em!”




"I joined ISMA three years ago just thinking that it would be a way for me to get to meet some people from around the world and be more involved on campus. What I didn't expect was for it to introduce me to some of the best people in all of Aggieland. Since I've joined ISMA I've made friends from dozens of countries, traveled across the United States on road trips, and even went sky diving with one of my mentees. I've learned that opening up your home to those who are different than you can not only expand your world view, but also give you life long friends. I will always be thankful for these opportunities and the memories that ISMA has given me."

Daniel Smith



"My first week, I tired to explore the town but I was overwhelmed by all the new things here. One week before classes began, I met some ISMA people and they invited me to join them. There have been trips, soccer games, meetings, frienships, parties, and great moments. Here, I have met the kindest and craziest people ever. I have to thank every single ISMA member (mentors and mentees) for making me feel like a brother in the ISMA family. And if you are still wondering whether or not to join this family, Yoda has something to tell you. 'Do, or do not. There is no try.' Keep rocking ISMA! "

Guillermo Garayar (Mentee/Peru)